ACC's Valentine's Day cards

Love is in the air, ACC fans. Happy Valentine’s Day. In honor of Cupid, I have taken the time to painstakingly write each coach a Valentine’s Day card. Enjoy.

Dear …


A national title has seemed to escape you, but how quickly the fans seem to forget: Where the program once was and where it is now, to you is owed some major debt.


A monumental task you took on when you were hired, a program disrespected, the situation dire. But attendance has risen and Virginia fallen, it’s only a matter of time before a bowl rep comes calling.


“We support Butch” has been the cry, the fans so loyal and there’s no question why. You’re a great head coach, make no mistake, but moving forward, the rules cannot break.


Much has been made about the way you were hired, how the ACC’s Coach of the Year had to be fired. The top 25 is not out of reach, so just give it a year, and they’ll forget about Mike Leach.


What’s not to love about this recruiting class? No. 1 in the nation, they’ll get you back fast. You’ve worked hard, and jumped through hoops, but the big question is, can you beat Bob Stoops?


Welcome to Miami, where expectations are soaring, where championships are expected and life never boring. You’ll hear more than once, “Is the U back?” Just smile, win, and say, “We’re on the right track.”


You set the standard a little too high, now home for Christmas, the fans started to cry. Where is our bowl game, our offense, our attack? With an older team now it’s more likely to come back.


A losing season is bad for the ticker, and the loss to Georgia probably made you sicker. But cheer up! You won’t lose to Kansas again. You’ve got home field advantage – a coach’s best friend.


The word in the biz is that London is good, and eventually he’ll do more than his predecessor could. This recruiting class will help, but there’s one task you can’t wreck. You know the answer: Beat Virginia Tech.


If there’s one thing that has kept you in State fans’ good graces, it’s for beating Butch Davis on every occasion. The program seems to have turned the corner, but winning a title will be the next order.


Time and again your defense is strong, still winning games when the offense goes wrong. The Eagles have fared well, to say the least, and as we all know, the ACC beats the Big East.


They say your seat’s hot, but there’s no need to fret, for in this recruiting class the top linebackers you did get. Clemson fans will love you if you’d just beat South Carolina, and all of the negativity would be in the mirror behind ya.