Observations from Miami practice

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami had its second spring practice under coach Al Golden on Tuesday afternoon, and a few things stood out:

  • Quarterbacks Jacory Harris and Spencer Whipple were both wearing green jerseys worn by first-team offensive players and took snaps with the first team.

  • True freshman defensive back Thomas Finnie was wearing a black jersey, designated for the starters on defense, for the second straight practice.

  • Offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson lost about 35 pounds, and yet he is still massive. The offseason conditioning program has truly transformed him.

  • Golden said a lot of the leadership from the offseason program has carried over. Ryan McNamee, the Canes' director of player development, told me that the players have done everything this staff has asked them to.

  • It's just plain fun to watch the offensive line go against the defensive line because of the two coaches involved. Defensive line coach Jethro Franklin and offensive line coach Art Kehoe are two of the more colorful personalities on staff.

  • There was a lot of teaching of technique and fundamental work, like positioning of hands, leverage, ball security, etc.