3-point stance: Easy class list is no surprise

1.The only transgression that the Stanford athletic academic advisers committed with the list of suggested classes for Cardinal athletes is that they put the list on paper. Every brain coach knows that some classes are more hospitable for student-athletes than others. It may be the time. It may be the curriculum. It may be the professor who takes less offense at athletes who miss class because of road trips. Codifying the list embarrassed the university, but that will pass.

2.We’ve all heard that the Southeastern Conference has won the past five BCS championships. The league has been a little less quiet about this. When Florida won the first of those five BCS titles in 2006, the basketball Gators repeated as men’s hoops champs in 2007. Since then, however, the past four SEC schools to win BCS titles -- LSU, Florida, Alabama, and now, Auburn -- have failed to make the March Madness field. Interpret as you wish. I’m thinking it’s some sort of ACC voodoo myself.

3.Speaking of the ACC, something seems right about college football at Miami. It may be that Art Kehoe is coaching the offensive line again. Kehoe held that job for more than 20 seasons before former Canes coach Larry Coker let him go five years ago. Kehoe’s return has provided a lot of warm fuzzies for fans of the U and earned Al Golden some goodwill. And as Heather Dinich pointed out, second-year tackle Seantrel Henderson has lost 35 pounds. The good news keeps on coming.