ACC's lunchtime links

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

Thanks to "Monty," one of the regular posters on the blog, for helping with the lunchtime links today. Of course, he's a Miami fan, so he wants to read about the backup quarterback race and the scrimmage tonight.

The other posters are quick to remind Monty, though, that there are other schools in the ACC. Only problem is, nobody is writing much about them because of that event going on in Atlanta.

Look what I found, though: an update on former UNC (backup) quarterback Cam Sexton. He's heading to Catawba.

Speaking of quarterbacks, the New York Times took a not-so-subtle shot at Maryland quarterback Chris Turner in its evaluation of receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. Toni Monkovic wrote, "In defense of Heyward-Bey, he didn't have a good quarterback throwing to him in 2008 ..."

In defense of Turner, he wasn't a bad quarterback, just inconsistent. After all, Turner only has a 6-1 record against top-25 opponents over the past two seasons, and has completed 63.5 percent of his passes for nine touchdowns and two interceptions during that stretch.

Moving on ..

Florida State's defensive line is much like the rest of its team -- thin but talented.

Shannon J. Owens pleads for Bobby Bowden to stay.

Clemson ticket prices remain status quo.