Michael Floyd should still miss time

Notre Dame and Michael Floyd received excellent news over the weekend when the school's Office of Residence Life allowed the star receiver to remain in school.

FloydFloydThere was real concern that Floyd could be expelled or suspended for the fall semester after his March 21 DUI arrest, his third alcohol-related offense since 2009.

So we know Floyd will be in school this fall. But when can we expect to see him suiting up on Saturdays for the Irish?

For now, he remains on indefinite suspension, and head coach Brian Kelly hasn't offered up a specific timetable or guidelines on what he'll do with Floyd. He has said that Floyd must meet requirements that Kelly has laid out to prevent such problems from occurring again. On Saturday, Kelly said, "Football is not even in the equation right now. It can't be."

You're kidding yourself if you think Floyd doesn't play this season, and sooner rather than later. Clearly, the school has shown more leniency in his case than it has in the past. Now it's up to Kelly to make a statement.

It's a natural temptation to put Floyd back in uniform for the opener against South Florida, a team that came on strong at the end of last season and could easily pull off the upset in South Bend. Floyd makes the Irish offense so much more potent and hard to defend, and fans will quickly forgive him once he starts catching touchdown passes.

But this is still Notre Dame, and Floyd still made a big mistake -- especially for someone whom Kelly had lauded as a team leader. The right thing to do is to suspend him for at least the first game, and possibly more if Kelly wants to send a particularly strong message. A one- or two-game suspension seems about right to me. Playing him in the opener would make the team better, but the program's image would be worse.

What do you think is an appropriate punishment for Floyd? One game? Three games? Half a season?