Non-AQ strong men

Colleague Bruce Feldman has a great post on the 10 strongest players in college football. Two players on non-AQ teams made the list:

No. 3 Brandon Boudreaux, DE/LB, Troy Trojans

No. 5 Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis Tigers

Feldman writes of Boudreaux: Earlier this week, when the Trojans had their pro-testing day, Boudreaux "only" benched 225 44 times. I say only because Troy strength coach Richard Shaughnessy says Boundreaux has done close to 50 reps before. The really amazing part is that he's only 239 pounds. He's also broad jumped 10-foot-5 and ran a 4.6.

Poe, a former shot put champion in high school, can squat 700 pounds, bench 500 and power clean 400. Tigers strength coach Ryan Cidzik, who has coached Shaun Rogers and Kris Jenkins, told Feldman: "I've been around some very strong defensive linemen when I was coaching in the NFL, and Poe's up there with all of them. If I have another year with him, he will probably be the strongest player I've ever been around."