Boise State players preparing for Georgia

The big day might be months and months away, but some Boise State players are already gearing up for the season opener against Georgia on Sept. 3 in the Georgia Dome.

Running back Doug Martin and cornerback Jamar Taylor both said in separate phone interviews that they had taken a glimpse at Georgia game tape this spring. None of that is particularly unusual when it comes to scouting your first game, but there is no doubting the players understand the importance of the game -- yet another huge nonconference game against a high-quality opponent to start the season.

"It's never too early to start watching Georgia film," Taylor said. "It's always [in the] back of our head. We have to be ready. I’ve watched some film, started when I found out we were playing them. We treat it like we treated the Virginia Tech game. Every game is big."

No team is judged as harshly as Boise State when it comes to nonconference games. It will be interesting to see whether the run-up to the Georgia game is as intense as it was before the opener against Virginia Tech last season. My guess is no, because Georgia will not be a Top 10 team the way the Hokies were last season. On the other hand, Georgia is from the mighty SEC. And as anybody who follows the non-AQ schools will tell you, there is no way little bitty ol' Boise could go unscathed through the rough and tumble SEC, home of the past five national champions.

I asked Taylor whether that meant Boise State had to prove something agianst an SEC team.

"We don’t shy away from anybody," Taylor said. "Whoever’s on the schedule, we’re going to play. The SEC of course is a great conference. They have some big guys, but we’re going to bring it no matter who we play. We’re just worried about ourselves and what we need to bring to the table."

SEC folks will kindly remind anyone who will listen that the last time the Broncos played Georgia, the Bulldogs spanked 'em 48-13 in 2005. I wrote a blog post last season explaining why that game has no bearing on the Broncos of today.

Now it is time to hear from you, loyal readers. Will Boise State beat Georgia? It is early yes, but never too early to start making predictions. Vote in my super cool poll, and we shall discuss the results next week.