Mel Kiper says Andy Dalton to ...

The big night is here for the best college football players in the country, and we can finally get our questions answered. Will Andy Dalton cap a meteoric rise over the past few months and become a first-round pick? How about Muhammad Wilkerson, the highest rated of the non-AQ players?

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Now let us take one final look at where Mel Kiper Jr. projects non-AQ players going in the first round.Insider

Wilkerson: No. 17, New England Patriots. Kiper says:

Wilkerson is a player who I don't think would escape the top-10 picks if he stuck around Temple for another year, but he simply dominated the competition in 2010 and is ready for this shot. He fits in well as a 3-4 defensive end and can really create havoc.

Dalton: No. 25, Seattle Seahawks. Kiper says:

There is talk that Seattle would be happy to move off this pick, but if not, Dalton is a guy who makes a lot of sense. A darling of the draft process, Dalton has impressed with his accuracy, smarts, better-than-expected arm strength and the suspicion that he might be as ready or more than any other QB in the draft to step in and manage an NFL offense.