3-point stance: Crimson Tide spared

1.The path of destruction left by the tornado that tore through northern Alabama on Wednesday came perilously close to the University of Alabama. We know this because the tornado left McFarland Blvd., the artery that connects I-59 to the campus, looks like a war zone. And we know it because Christopher England, the director of TideTV, the video arm of the Alabama athletic department, braved the elements to record a 63-second video of the tornado and posted it on Vimeo. The state grieves; the university is lucky.

2.Oregon State quarterback Ryan Katz underwent offseason surgery to repair his right (throwing) wrist broken in the Civil War loss to Oregon last December. Katz assured me Wednesday that he’s throwing the ball well. He’s participating in seven-on-seven drills. He’s throwing against air. What he’s not doing is practicing live. The reason? Doctors won’t let Katz take a snap yet. Think of the force a wrist absorbs when the center slams the ball into the quarterback’s hands.

3.Texas Tech football coach Tommy Tuberville went on the "Sean Hannity Show" Tuesday and talked politics. Regarding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Tuberville said, “Obviously, there’s got to be something on there he doesn’t want anybody to see.” Obama released the document Wednesday. Never mind that Tuberville was wrong on the facts. For a decade, Tuberville survived the groundless gossip that emanates from the Alabama-Auburn rivalry with dignity intact. That alone means he should have known better.