Pac-10 lunch links: Elway wants to be a student, not QB

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

  • Elway retires -- this one from the Arizona State football program, which is now down to four quarterbacks with senior Danny Sullivan and sophomores Samson Szakacsy in the lead. Getting personal with Dennis Erickson.

  • Arizona's No. 3 quarterback is an impressive guy.

  • Big shoes to fill at Cal? How'd you'd like to replace the Mack truck?

  • Oregon wasn't sharp on Monday. But if fabulously talented Jamere Holland, a former touted recruit at USC, has finally gotten with the program, the Ducks' offense may have found a go-to receiver. Running back LeGarrette Blount returned to practice after sitting out with a foot injury.

  • The unique Oregon State spring football journalistic stylings of Paul Buker -- amusing and interesting, with info on a struggling offensive lineman and a bulldozing defensive tackle.

  • UCLA's Prince is looking like the king of the Bruins' offense. And a pecking order is emerging at running back.

  • What's going on at USC? Here are five observations to get you up to speed. Good to see Michael Lev is joining me in the Curtis McNeal fan club.

  • Jerry Brewer passed on the men's hoops final to watch Washington practice, and he came away impressed -- and, Jerry, you didn't miss much. The Huskies have a lot of running backs in the mix.

  • Checking in with Washington State coach Paul Wulff on a variety of topics.