Fulmer: I want to help my university

I was able to track down former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer on Wednesday to get his take on Mike Hamilton's resignation and whether Fulmer would be interested in the athletic director's job.

Here's the link to what Fulmer had to say.

Fulmer, who's sure to be a College Hall of Famer as a coach, chose his words carefully in discussing the situation. There's no doubt he would be interested in talking to Tennessee officials about the job, but he also wants it to be right for everybody concerned.

It's obvious that he cares deeply about Tennessee, and in his words, wants to see the football program get back to playing for and winning championships as much as anybody.

He understands that there's a certain sect of fans who probably wouldn't want him back in any capacity. That said, he firmly believes that he could help his alma mater and is willing to listen.

It doesn't hurt that Fulmer has a good relationship with current football coach Derek Dooley, and coaches like the idea of working for athletic directors who were themselves football coaches.

That model certainly worked well with Fulmer and Doug Dickey.

Ultimately, Tennessee will probably choose to go down another path and make a clean break, but Fulmer will be there if his alma mater calls.