Catching up with Bobby Bowden

I caught up with former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden this past Friday to talk with him about Chris Weinke for Tuesday morning's story, and of course, it's very hard not to ask him a few other questions while he's on the phone. I asked Bowden what's he's been up to, and he made it very clear that he's busy and "not retired."

"I've retired from coaching, but I haven't retired," he said. "I don't want to do nothing. We've got places over on the beach, and I get over there seldom. I enjoy it when I do, but it's not like I want to sit around all day."

I'd be happy to sit around all day for him, but he didn't invite me.

I asked him how much he misses coaching.

"I didn't miss it a bit," he said. "I'm 81. If I was 45, I'd really miss it, I'd want to get back in it. But at my age -- I really tried to get one more year out of them and I was unable to, because I was trying to reach some goals, but I didn't. So I haven't missed the coaching. I miss the players and I miss the association with the coaches. I look back on it and there were fond memories with the ACC. They're such a classy group of people."

Can you believe some of the things that are going on with Jim Tressel and Butch Davis?

"Well, yeah, we got hit with that if you remember," he said. "And it was inadvertent. It was something the coaches had absolutely nothing to do with, or the administration, and when we found out about it, we reported it. But they still stuck us pretty good. But yeah, hey, they've got rules, you've gotta enforce them."

I'm sure you're paying attention to Florida State, even though you didn't go to any games last year, right?

"No, I'm staying away purposely," he said. "I feel like it would be a distraction. I'm not interested in going to the game and somebody says, 'Oh, Bobby Bowden is here.' I'm not interested in that. I want to sit back and enjoy it. I follow them, everything they're doing, keep up with them. I haven't been back to campus one day since I left, but I keep up with what they're doing and I'm pulling for them."