Chip Kelly dismisses East Coast bias

Oregon coach Chip Kelly enjoys living in Eugene. He’s been a very good coach there. But Kelly is a New Englander at heart. He has heard everyone from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott on down decry an “East Coast bias.” Kelly doesn’t buy it.

“What I believe in college football is that there’s a winning bias,” Kelly said. “The fans, the media, everybody flocks to the teams that win. If you go 7-5, it’s your fault. If they are not talking about you, it’s because you went 7-5, not because there’s an East Coast bias. If you go 12-0, they’re going to talk about you.

“You look at the teams that garner all the attention -- Alabama. Why? Because Alabama wins football games. Florida. Why? Because Florida wins football games when Urban [Meyer] was there and I’m sure Will [Muschamp] will do the same thing. Boise State is on TV a lot. You know why? Because Chris Petersen and Kellen Moore do a heck of a job and they win football games.

“I think college football fans are very educated and I think they understand what it’s all about. And if for some reason Minnesota went 12-0, then everybody would be on Minnesota’s bandwagon because Minnesota went 12-0….We were on TV a ton last year. But we won. If we go 7-5, we’re not going to be on a ton but we have no one to blame except for ourselves.”