Delany: BTN won't air high school games

CHICAGO -- The proposed airing of high school football games on Texas' Longhorn Network has caused a stir among Big 12 members, who fear Texas could gain a significant recruiting advantage by showcasing prospects on its air.

The Big Ten has its own TV network, too. But league commissioner Jim Delany wants to cut that high school controversy off before it begins. He says it just doesn't make sense when his league and others are trying to push reforms to recruiting regulations and cut down on the influence of things like 7-on-7 tournaments.

"In my view, it's not time for the Big Ten Network to engage in the coverage of high school sports," Delany said. "Maybe it's a recruiting advantage, maybe it's not.

But that's not why that network was created.

"So, therefore, while we go through this reform process, while we try to sort out the best ways of doing business, it's going to be the Big Ten Conference's position ... that we refrain from telecasting high school games for at least the next couple years until we sort out these other, more important issues."

That doesn't mean that high school games are completely off the table for the Big Ten Network. The league, after all, must keep up with its rivals.

"If the NCAA in its wisdom, makes these games televisable, we'll probably have to look at it," Delany said. "But it's our position that it does nothing but confuse an already confused environment, and we're going to stick to the collegiate telecasting of games."