3-point stance: JoePa in danger?

1. Penn State coach Joe Paterno got blindsided at practice Sunday and suffered the sort of injuries you would expect an 84-year-old coach to get when a college football player nails him. Adam Rittenberg wonders if Paterno should remain on the sideline. Hey, the university president tried to convince Paterno to resign a few years ago and failed. Who exactly is going to tell Paterno to leave the sideline? Not me.

2. The NCAA Presidential Summit begins Tuesday in Indianapolis buoyed by the hope that they will begin to develop reforms that will bring the NCAA Manual out of the 1990s, if not entirely up to date. Hope, however, shouldn't be confused with the reality that making difficult choices is not easy, especially when there are so many of them. If the summit ends with any direction at all headed toward reform, it will be a success.

3. It is heartening to see that Tennessee defensive back Janzen Jackson met with the media on Monday. Jackson missed spring practice in order to deal with what he described as "some personal issues and a lot of family problems." Arizona wide receiver Juron Criner also recently returned to his team after dealing with family issues. Kudos to Vols coach Derek Dooley and Wildcats coach Mike Stoops for their enlightened attitudes. Can you imagine the response of a Bear Bryant or a Woody Hayes to such a need? The old days weren't necessarily better.