3-point stance: New rule has teeth

1. The NCAA has increased the minimum Academic Progress Rate (APR) from 925 in a given year to 930 over a rolling four-year average. More important, the penalties for not making the minimum include a postseason ban. I did the math for the six AQ conferences from 2007 through 2010 and found nine schools that failed to reach 930: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisville, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Purdue, South Florida, and Washington State. If the rule were effective immediately, they wouldn’t be bowl-eligible. That rule has teeth.

2. The Syracuse coaching staff has been a man down for 10 days after offensive line coach Greg Adkins got waylaid by an attack of pancreatitis. Adkins returned to meetings on Wednesday night, and after a medical procedure next week, will return full-time soon. While head coach Doug Marrone is glad that Adkins is returning to health, he has had a blast returning to coach the offensive line. “I don’t think the kids had fun,” Marrone said. “I had fun.”

3. When the Southwest Conference died in the mid-1990s, legend has it that Baylor got a seat in the Big 12 lifeboat because the governor at the time, Anne Richards, had a Baylor degree. I bring this up because the current governor and presidential-candidate-to-be, Rick Perry, is a Texas A&M alumnus. How much does that contribute to the emboldened talk among Aggies about bolting from Texas and the Big 12 to the SEC? Of course, it never takes much to make an Aggie swagger.