3-point stance: Seastrunk's Duck departure

1. It could be that Oregon redshirt freshman tailback Lache Seastrunk wanted to be near his grandmother in Texas. It could be that the spotlight that shone on Seastrunk because of the NCAA’s interest in the relationship between him and Willie Lyles got too hot. But I’m betting the reason that Seastrunk is leaving the Ducks is that he had fallen to fifth string in a very talented backfield. Seastrunk couldn’t break into the lineup and, evidently, didn’t want to wait.

2. Pitt senior defensive end Brandon Lindsey no longer has his hand in the dirt. Under new coach Todd Graham, Lindsey is standing up at the snap. It has taken some getting used to. “It’s more difficult to be explosive,” Lindsey said, “because you don’t have the momentum (from) leaning forward to get a jump on the snap. The first month, I fell about 10, 15 times. Just leaning forward, leaning forward on my feet. And then trying to jump the snap, you’re going to fall. My teammates will never let me live it down.”

3. The preseason polls are my favorites. The votes are spread among more teams which I take for optimism, if not a little regional bias. I look at the voting discrepancies for meaning. The coaches are more deferential to past success (Auburn is 19th; AP has Auburn 23rd). Then there’s Northwestern and Arizona, which got 30 and 28 points, respectively, from the coaches; 1 and 2 points, respectively, from the media. Maybe the writers don’t like Wildcats.