3-point stance: A relief for Vols and Kiffin

1. Tennessee exhaled Wednesday after the NCAA announced that it accepted the Vols’ self-imposed penalties for their violations. That also made former Vols coach Lane Kiffin happy. Kiffin is now at USC, which, after being docked 30 scholarships and two postseasons, lives by the letter of the NCAA Manual. USC may not have reacted well had Kiffin been found to commit major violations in Knoxville. Meanwhile, Vols coach Derek Dooley kicked troubled Tennessee safety Janzen Jackson off the team Wednesday, reportedly for failing a drug test. Talk about a self-imposed penalty.

2. Chalk one up for Oregon State coach Mike Riley’s reputation as a teacher. My colleague Ted Miller blogged Wednesday that Beavers freshman tailback Malcolm Agnew may start the opener next week against Sacramento State. As I wrote last spring, Riley got a lead on Agnew because the coach is an old friend of St. Louis Rams general manger Billy Devaney. Agnew’s dad, longtime NFL vet Ray Agnew, is a pro scout for the Rams. The NFL guys know what kind of coach Riley is.

3. “The NCAA scholarship should be increased to handle the needs of the athlete better. If you are recruiting an athlete who lives 2000 miles away and then do not do anything to help him get to and from home, who are you kidding? How are they going to do it?... That’s what breeds the illegal things that are going on.” That may sound current. The late Bill Walsh said it during his second stint as Stanford coach -- in 1993. The argument for the full cost of attendance is not a new one.