Michigan sizzling before second delay

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- We're in another lightning delay here at Michigan Stadium, and this one looks a bit scarier than the last. Aside from the students, most folks have cleared out of the stands.

Michigan surged after the first delay and has just about everything clicking right now. The Wolverines are showing they have a ground game aside from Denard Robinson, as Fitzgerald Toussaint and Michael Shaw recorded back-to-back huge runs, the second of which reached the end zone from 44 yards out. Michigan's offensive line is really imposing its will, as both Toussaint and Shaw had huge holes to sprint through.

There's still reason to be concerned about Michigan's defense, as Western continues to pile up yards. But the Wolverines have now forced three turnovers, two in their own end of the field. They're putting a lot more pressure on Broncos quarterback Alex Carder.

Michigan is firmly in command, up 34-10 with 1:27 left in the third quarter.