Texas A&M to SEC on hold for now

We seemed so close to hearing the announcement of a new school in the SEC.

But things are on hold ... again.

On Tuesday, the SEC presidents voted and unanimously accepted Texas A&M's application to become the conference's 13th team, according to a release by the SEC.

All finally seemed right in the SEC world until one Big 12 school decided to take last-minute action.

"After receiving unanimous written assurance from the Big 12 on September 2 that the Southeastern Conference was free to accept Texas A&M to join as a new member, the presidents and chancellors of the SEC met last night with the intention of accepting the application of Texas A&M to be the newest member of the SEC," University of Florida president and SEC chairman Dr. Bernie Machen said in a statement released Wednesday. "We were notified yesterday afternoon that at least one Big 12 institution had withdrawn its previous consent and was considering legal action. The SEC has stated that to consider an institution for membership, there must be no contractual hindrances to its departure. The SEC voted unanimously to accept Texas A&M University as a member upon receiving acceptable reconfirmation that the Big 12 and its members have reaffirmed the letter dated September 2, 2011."

The SEC wants to make sure it isn't sued by any Big 12 school for accepting Texas A&M, but sources told ESPN's Joe Schad that Baylor hasn't given the league that assurance.

That's interesting because in that letter to SEC commissioner Mike Slive from Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe on Sept. 2, Beebe made it clear that no legal action about be taken against the SEC.

Here is the intro to that letter:

"This is to confirm our discussion yesterday during which I informed you that the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors unanimously authorized me to convey to you and their colleagues in the Southeastern Conference that the Big 12 and its members will not take any legal action for any possible claims against the SEC or its members relating to the departure of Texas A&M University from the Big 12 and the admission of Texas A&M into the SEC; provided, however, that such act by the SEC to admit Texas A&M is publicly confirmed by 5:00 p.m. (CDT) on September 8, 2011."

Regardless, Baylor seems to be the hold up for the SEC at this moment, but if my memory serves me, the Big East sued Miami, Boston College and the ACC after those schools decided to jump the ACC.

Guess where those schools, including Virginia Tech, are? Yep, the ACC.