The shootout continues in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. -- After a bit of a lull, we've got ourselves a pretty exciting game again in Auburn.

The Bulldogs reeled off 21 straight points, with the most recent being a 27-yard interception return for a score by Johnthan Banks on a terribly telegraphed pass by Barrett Trotter.

Oh, but the Tigers, who entered their last drive with just 15 yards passing, came right back with a 46-yard touchdown pass over the middle of the field from Trotter to Emory Blake to tie the game.

Right when you think the Bulldogs' pass defense is dominating, Trotter finds a weakness and exploits it. Blake didn't do anything special on the route, he just hit his spot and the middle of the field was free of Bulldogs. After that, it was a foot race to the end zone -- one that Blake easily won.

That was the only real mistake Mississippi State's defense has made all day. Neither defense has been perfect, but both have gotten on the board with touchdowns.

An interesting note brought to you by Mississippi State officials: Banks now has three career interceptions returned for a touchdown. That ties him with teammate Corey Broomfield and Tennessee's Prentiss Waggner for the most in the nation.