UConn, WVU release statements

UConn president Susan Herbst and West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck released statements this afternoon on where the two universities stand following a meeting among remaining Big East football-playing schools in New York.

First, from Herbst:

“The past several days have magnified the period of instability that exists today in the world of college athletics. I want to say thank you to all of our loyal supporters and fans of UConn and our athletic programs for their patience during this time.

“Please know that we will always do what is in the best interests for the University of Connecticut.

“We remain committed to our ideals and principals in intercollegiate athletics and will continue to achieve excellence academically and athletically.”

Now, from Luck:

President [James] Clements and I represented West Virginia University at last night's Big East meeting in New York. The group concluded the meeting with a strategy to recruit top level BCS-caliber institutions that match the league's strong athletic and academic histories and traditions. As I stated before, WVU is an excellent flagship, land-grant university, with national-caliber athletic and academic programs. We are, and will remain, a national player in college athletics. The conference office will coordinate any further discussion on this issue.

Two things of note:

1) Neither one made a pledge to remain in the Big East. Herbst did not even mention the Big East in her statement. Reports have indicated the Huskies are lobbying for inclusion in the ACC.

2) Herbst said she will do what is in the best interest of UConn. That is the sentiment among most everyone in college football these days. Every school is going to look out for itself, not the conference.