3-point stance: Don't blame Beebe

1. Blaming commissioner Dan Beebe for the downfall of the Big 12 is convenient but has nothing to do with reality, save for besmirching a guy who tried to save the league’s members from themselves twice in the past 18 months. Beebe cut a deal Thursday to leave. Who would want to replace him? If nothing else, think of all the tailoring that has to be done, retrofitting business suits so that they conceal the puppet strings.

2. Among the many attributes of Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden is his maturity. At the age of 27, hardened by his minor-league baseball career, Weeden supposedly has the even keel that’s so difficult for college-aged players to establish. How, then, to explain that through three games Weeden has thrown six interceptions, tied for the FBS lead with true freshman Rakeem Cato of Marshall? Cato, by the way, is eight years younger than Weeden.

3. Marcus Lattimore is built for the long haul. That’s why South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier has loaded up the sophomore to move the chains. Lattimore leads the FBS not only in rushing yards (178-yard average) but in carries (29 per game). If that sounds like a lot, it is. Alabama has two tailbacks who each average more than 100 yards per game. Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy together have nine fewer carries than Lattimore.