Michigan dominating Brady Bowl early

After starting slowly in its first three games, Michigan is off and running in the Brady Bowl.

Unable to score in the first quarter entering today's game, the Wolverines reached the end zone twice in the first nine minutes.

Denard Robinson has sparked the Wolverines to easy touchdowns on their first two offensive possessions. It's amazing how opposing defenses still don't make Robinson their top priority, as he's so dangerous every time he touches the football. Michigan remains very much in spread mode. While you see wrinkles of Al Borges' offense, Borges is playing to his strength -- and that's Robinson as a ball carrier.

Michigan's defense, meanwhile, continues to look vulnerable at times but has made up for it with big plays. San Diego State had a nice drive going and pushed the pile with Ronnie Hillman before a Wolverines defender jarred the ball loose. The Aztecs can put up points in this one, but they have to finish drives.

Michigan leads 14-0.