Arkansas' defense makes stand

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- One of the biggest wins of the game so far goes to Arkansas’ defense, which held Alabama to a field goal after the Crimson Tide had it first-and-goal from inside the 1 in the second quarter.

It’s the kind of stand everybody wondered if this Arkansas defense had in it.

Willy Robinson’s unit answered that question, at least early.

Surprisingly, Alabama’s Trent Richardson only got one touch down on the goal line, and that came on third down. He never had a chance as Arkansas linebackers Alonzo Highsmith and Jerry Franklin were on top of Richardson as soon as he got it.

Alabama tried a quarterback sneak on first down and gave it to Jalston Fowler on second down.

Richardson was motioning to the sideline for the coaches to call his number, but was swarmed under when he got the ball a few seconds later.