Outrage at Washington!

My old buddy Jim Caple -- we were colleagues at the late Seattle Post-Intelligencer -- is mad, mad, mad at his alma mater, Washington.

Why? Administrators are moving the student section from their traditional prime seats to the endzone.

Of course, this is about money. Husky Stadium is undergoing a $250 million renovation, and the school is looking to create more revenue by selling those prime student seats to big-money boosters.

Write Caple:

Why do I care? Why does it bother me as an alumnus that the Huskies are opening up thousands of prime seats to myself and fellow older fans? Here's why. Because when the students get hosed, the spray soaks the rest of us as well. The essence of college sports is that first word: college. Without the students -- which also means the band and the cheerleaders -- you don't have college football anymore. You just have a slower, less talented NFL game without the fantasy leagues.

Caple makes some good points.

Here's the university's position.

It will be interesting to see how the Husky Stadium experience is changed. For one, the stadium was always notably loud because of the configuration, but now the student section won't be under those overhanging wings that kept sound inside the stadium. That could decrease the overall volume.

On the other hand, removing the track, which will be the chief accomplishment of the renovation in my mind, will put the students (and everyone else) closer to the field. So that could create a more intimidating atmosphere.

Further, putting the student section in an endzone could make at least one side of the stadium absolutely miserable for visiting offenses.

Sure some of you have thoughts on this.