Michigan getting tricky against Gophers

Michigan likely wasn't going to have much problem with a struggling Minnesota team missing its starting quarterback. And the Gophers' defense has been really bad most of the season.

So Wolverines offensive coordinator Al Borges has taken some creative license. On two plays, he put Devin Gardner under center with Denard Robinson lined up elsewhere. The first time, Gardner pitched to Robinson, who pitched to Fitz Touissant. The second time, he pitched to Robinson, who threw back to Gardner. Neither play was all that effective, but it probably pleased some Michigan fans who wondered what Robinson would look like at tailback or receiver.

Borges also called for a halfback pass from tailback Vincent Smith that led to Michigan's third touchdown. The Wolverines, who lead 21-0, probably could have played things close to the vest and gotten off to a big lead early. But with the start of conference play, Michigan is giving future opponents some new wrinkles to prepare for.