Auburn showing confidence early

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Hello, from Williams-Brice Stadium. It feels like my home away from home.

You know who else feels like that? Auburn. The Tigers strolled, check that, strutted onto the field and walked right through South Carolina's warmups. Leading the charge was running back Michael Dyer, who was singing along to some song buzzing in his earphones.

A few Tigers walked all the way to the goal posts and started hollering something. It seemed to be all in fun and most of the Gamecocks players didn't pay them any mind, but Auburn is looking to get some sort of edge before game time.

Dyer should be a major focal point of the South Carolina defense and he wanted to make sure those players got a good look at him before kickoff.

South Carolina will be honoring the Wounded Warrior Project's "Believe in Heroes" campaign with their custom Under Armour uniforms. The uniforms feature sweet camo design on the jerseys and pants. The last names of the players on the backs of the jerseys will be replaced by the "core value" embellishment – Duty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Country, or Service.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here. It's not too hot or too cold. It's just about perfect.