South Carolina's offense with better start

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Last week, we tried to come up with as many jokes as we could about how bad South Carolina's offense looked against Vanderbilt.

Today, we're a little more impressed with what we're seeing.

There hasn't been a tremendous overhaul for the Gamecocks and they aren't lighting up the scoreboard, but the mistakes that killed South Carolina last week haven't been too much of a problem today. For starters, quarterback Stephen Garcia isn't throwing blindly downfield. He's hitting the underneath routes when nothing is open downfield and he isn't letting the defense read him like an open book.

We saw his patience at work when he hit Alshon Jeffery in stride for a 50-yard touchdown to put South Carolina ahead 6-3 and we saw improved decision-making when he decided to run out of bounds instead of chucking the ball up on a play where the pass protection broke down.

South Carolina ended the first quarter with 91 yards of offense and only 10 of them came from Marcus Lattimore, and Garcia was 4-of-5 passing. That, my friends, is improvement.