Michael Dyer goes down in third

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Auburn running back Michael Dyer went down halfway into the third quarter with what looked like a leg injury.

Dyer was on the ground for a couple of minutes in obvious pain before getting up and slowly walking off the field with trainers. He limped over to the training table, and before he got there, he threw his helmet down to the ground.

Trainers are still huddled around him, and if he can't return that would be a major hit to Auburn's offense. He has been a total workhorse for this team, getting the tough yards and really trying to tire this South Carolina defense. Onterio McCalebb will have to do much more if Dyer can't return. McCalebb has had spurts here and there today, but he's had a problem with wanting to run sideline to sideline as opposed to running down the field.