Former Auburn guard Chaz Ramsey files suit

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Who knows how this will all turn out, but former Auburn offensive guard Chaz Ramsey is suing his former offensive line coach, Hugh Nall, and the Tigers' former trainer, Arnold Gamber, for bullying him into going against his doctor's orders.

As a result, Ramsey claims that a back injury never properly healed and cost him a probable NFL career.

It's the side of college football nobody wants to talk about. Players play with pain all the time. But as you'll hear around any practice field, there's a difference in playing with pain and playing injured.

And the truth is that a lot of players play injured, too.

To be clear, I'm not passing judgment on Nall or Gamber in this case. I wasn't there and don't know the facts, and as Nall points out, he has a 24-year track record of doing what he can to help kids ... not hurt them.

The whole thing is an unfortunate situation, but you know Ramsey's not the first player to have his college career cut short and feel like those inside the program pushed him to come back too soon or play/practice when he wasn't 100 percent.

The difference is that Ramsey's gone public with it and wants some compensation.

The flip side to this story is that players often put pressure on themselves to hurry back from an injury because they don't want to lose their position and be relegated to the bench.

What's more, no player wants to get the label of being soft, undurable or injury-prone.

So it's a fine line, and one that's easily blurred.

The key is having quality people on your medical staff, coaches trusting those people and those people always having the best interest of the player at heart when determining if that player is healthy enough to play, practice or work out.

The simple rule of thumb being: If he were your own son, would you allow him to be out there?