3-point stance: As the Big 12 turns

1. The Big 12 “family” is beginning to resemble a daytime soap. They argue, they leave, they look to leave, they come back. One day after the conference members agree to share their main TV money equally, a big step on the road to a happy future, Missouri decides to withhold its commitment. The chancellor resigned as conference chairman. It comes down to Mizzou forsaking tradition and loyalty, to flirt with the SEC, a league in which the Tigers are not equipped to compete. Knock yourself out.

2. In the last week, both Bret Bielema of Wisconsin and Mark Richt of Georgia have endorsed a lead of three scores as the benchmark for deciding to milk the clock in the fourth quarter. “You do that by running the ball and making sure you don’t snap the ball too early in the 40-second clock,” Richt said. Bielema praised quarterback Russell Wilson after the Nebraska game for having the presence of mind, when chased out of the pocket, to slide inbounds and keep the clock moving.

3. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz said Tuesday that yards per carry is a better measure of the effectiveness of a running back than it is an offense, because sacks and kneeldowns (every coach’s favorite offensive call) can skew that statistic for a team. There, Ferentz said, the better measure is carries per game. He didn’t establish a number. For what it’s worth, the 15 undefeated teams average 42.3 carries per game.