3-point stance: On Garrett Gilbert's transfer

1. Nothing personal regarding Garrett Gilbert's decision to transfer from Texas. He is out for the season after shoulder surgery and whatever coach Mack Brown and offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin told him about his future made him decide that if he wants to play football, he should go somewhere else. But whatever happened to love of school? Love of teammates? Whatever happened to being, as every backup quarterback is, one play away?

2. It’s one thing for players to learn a new coach’s schemes in the relative calm of spring ball. It’s another to execute the schemes in a game, when the adrenaline flows or opponents hit you with something you’ve never seen. Miami coach Al Golden said the Hurricanes’ defensive line play has been so-so because, “when they get competitive they sometimes revert back to what they were taught. ... We are trying to play a different style now. The break down is coming because not everybody is playing the same technique or as a unit.”

3. Thanks to the nerds at ESPN Stats & Info, we now have a sense of just how dominant the top SEC defenses are. They broke down the highest percentage of opponent plays for no gain or lost yardage on first down. The top three defenses in the nation in this esoteric category are Florida (47.8 percent), Alabama (44.1) and LSU (43.0). Fresno State is fourth (42.0). I’m not sure how important that is, except that every defensive coordinator in America loves 2nd-and-long as much as he loves his children.