Texas hurting, helping self early

DALLAS -- Texas had to do two things to win today's game.

Don't get into a shootout.

Don't turn the ball over.

In the first quarter, one out of two isn't bad.

The Longhorns trail, 6-0, after giving up a whole lot of ground to the Sooners but stuffing OU inside the 10-yard line twice, forcing the Sooners to settle for a pair of field goals.

Texas is already losing the turnover battle, though, when Casey Walker planted Case McCoy and forced a fumble on the opening drive.

If Oklahoma wants to get upset, not converting in the red zone and settling for field goals is the best way to leave the door open for the Horns.

If Texas doesn't want to get its doors blown off, it has to turn this turnover battle in its favor. It's gotten good pressure on Landry Jones early, but he hasn't come close to making a game-changing mistake.