LSU runs away from Gators in first quarter

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Florida's front seven was supposed to keep the Gators in this one, but it didn't even come close in the first quarter.

LSU just sliced and diced Florida's defense with running backs Spencer Ware and Alfred Blue, who combined for 61 yards and a touchdown on 10 touches.

On Ware's first couple of touches he just seemed to bounce right off of Florida defenders. It looked unfair at times.

Florida's front seven was carved up by Alabama's Trent Richardson last week, and it hasn't had a great start to this one either, which could spell doom for a team struggling to move the ball on offense.

In other news, we saw yet another Les Miles classic on a fourth-and-long. Punter Brad Wing looked like he was all set to punt and as Florida dropped way back into coverage, Wing just calmly sprinted down the left sideline. He even showboated a little before the end zone, extending the ball out to taunt a Florida player. Because of the new taunting penalty, that touchdown was negated, enraging the Tiger faithful.

But it might not matter at this point. Sure, a punter scoring is a fun story for the grandchildren, but LSU settled for a field goal to go up 17-0 shortly after the second quarter started and with the offense Florida has today, 17 might be enough.