Pac-12 BCS standings reaction

The Pac-12 isn't much of a factor in the first BCS standings. Of course, it's not about the first BCS standings; it's about the last.

Stanford is No. 8, Oregon is 10th and Washington is 25th.

The Ducks are the No. 2 one-loss team behind No. 9 Arkansas.

LSU is No. 1, Alabama No. 2 and Oklahoma No. 3. The computer polls rank Oklahoma State No. 1.

Stanford's highest computer ranking is No. 8. Its lowest is 20th. It's overall computer ranking is eighth (the high and low ranking are thrown out). The Cardinal is seventh in the Harris poll and fifth in the coaches poll.

Oregon's highest computer ranking is No. 7. It's lowest is 18th. It's overall computer ranking is 12th. The Ducks are ninth in the Harris poll and eighth with the coaches.

What does this mean for the Pac-12's national title hopes? It's fairly simple

It means Stanford needs help and Oregon needs a lot of help. One will help itself on Nov. 12 when they play.

Stanford needs all the teams on its schedule to keep winning and the teams ahead of it to lose. At this point, if the winner of the LSU-Alabama game and the winner of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State games end up undefeated, they will play for the national title, no matter what the Cardinal (or Boise State, nor Wisconsin, etc.) does.

So it's fine for one of those four to go undefeated. Just not two. Stanford -- or Oregon -- only needs to be second in the final BCS standings to play for the title.

But even to do that, one or the other will need there to be some losing over the coming weekends.