Spurrier: Everybody has to pick it up

A lot of the focus in the aftermath of Marcus Lattimore's season-ending knee injury has revolved around who's going to replace him at tailback for South Carolina.

Coach Steve Spurrier said Wednesday that true freshmen Brandon Wilds will step in as the Gamecocks' new starter.

But as they try to nail down a second-straight trip to the SEC championship game, Spurrier said it's more about how everybody plays around Wilds than it is about Wilds carrying the entire running game on his shoulders.

"We're worried about the whole team -- defense, offense, special teams," Spurrier said Wednesday. "We haven't made a big play on special teams since the first ballgame. We're really pretty average in a lot of areas, and we've won some close games, and that's why we're 6-1."

One thing the Gamecocks will look to do is use Bruce Ellington more at quarterback in the Wildcat package, but Spurrier said there's just so much they can do with the Wildcat regardless of who's back there.

"Bruce can do a little bit back there, but you can't play the whole game in Wildcat," Spurrier said. "They'd crowd the line of scrimmage pretty much and stuff the run all over the place. Obviously, we'll use him a little bit there, but Connor Shaw is a player that has a lot of potential. He's only played two games, and the Tennessee game will be his third one, and hopefully, he can finish it for us.

"But we've got to learn how to block a little bit better, throw and catch. Brandon's a good back. If we get some decent blocking up front, he'll make some yards."