Miami strikes below the belt

Coaches talk about discipline a lot.

Miami coach Al Golden might want to talk about it a little bit more.

Miami starting defensive tackle Micanor Regis has been suspended for Saturday’s game against No. 20 Georgia Tech after he punched UNC receiver Dwight Jones in the last place any guy wants to get hit.

“I’m truly sorry for my foolish actions Saturday during the North Carolina game,” Regis said in a prepared statement. “It was hurtful, wrong and embarrassing to both football programs, to both schools and to the millions of college football fans that were watching. Specifically, I want to apologize to Dwight Jones, Coach [Everett] Withers and the entire UNC football team. I am hoping and praying that you all forgive me for my actions.”

He should be hoping and praying that Golden forgives him, too.

Miami needs this win against Georgia Tech on Saturday to stay in the conference race. Ideally, you'd like to have your starting defensive lineup intact against one of the nation's top offenses.

Is there anything else anyone would like to throw at Al Golden in his first season? He's had the whopper of all NCAA investigations. He's had injuries. He's had suspensions. And now he's had to publicly apologize for one of his players literally striking below the belt.

It was an inappropriate, heat-of-the-moment incident that certainly isn't isolated in college football, but it was one that hurt more than just UNC's Jones.