3-point stance: No break for Vols QB Simms

1.As the Clemson offense becomes more explosive with every passing Saturday (no pun intended), offensive coordinator Chad Morris is attracting more attention. Morris is only two years removed from a 16-year career as a Texas high school coach (three state titles). But it doesn’t sound as if he’s going anywhere. He signed a four-year contract in part so that his daughter MacKenzie would stay in one high school. If the No. 5 Tigers keep playing like this, he’ll be saying “No, thanks” to some head coaching offers.

2.NCAA president Mark Emmert’s long-awaited proposal for more aid to student-athletes has the aroma of compromise about it. The proposal would allow universities to increase an athletic scholarship by $2,000 to cover incidental and travel expenses. The “cost of attendance” figure I’ve heard runs closer to $2,500-$3,000. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the NCAA would tiptoe into the pool. It is, nonetheless, a disappointment.

3.Tennessee senior quarterback Matt Simms' second chance went pretty much the way of his first. Simms started eight games in 2010, five of them against top-20 teams, and he struggled. Freshman Tyler Bray got a start as the Volunteers’ schedule eased up and won the job. This season, Bray broke his thumb in time for Simms to start against No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama. Simms struggled again. Coach Derek Dooley announced Monday that freshman Justin Worley is the new starter. Simms just can’t catch a break.