What the heck happened in Lubbock?

I can't explain this one.

I could try, but it would be in vain. As unbelievable as last week's Texas Tech upset over Oklahoma was, Iowa State's 41-7 victory Saturday over Texas Tech was exponentially more surprising.

Texas Tech was at home, and playing an Iowa State team that had lost its previous four games, all by at least 16 points and by an average of more than 24.

Oklahoma could only manage 124 rushing yards against these Red Raiders, though it gave up running the ball late. Without its top back, Shontrelle Johnson, Iowa State ran for 368.


Michigan State, who knocked off title contender Wisconsin last week, fell victim to Nebraska 24-3 on the road today.

Did Michigan State and Tech fall victim to the oft-mentioned "hangover" game after a big win?

I'm not so sure. That seems a bit simplistic.

But Tech talked last week about how motivated it was by no one giving it a chance against the Sooners. That motivation was clearly gone a week later in a game Texas Tech should have won. But might Iowa State have found the same?

It's possible.

Last week's hero, Seth Doege, had emerged as one of the nation's top quarterbacks. By game's end, an ugly interception meant a seat on the bench in favor of Jacob Karam. Doege finished 16-of-32 for 171 yards and two interceptions. For the first time in 69 games spanning back to a 2006 loss to TCU, Texas Tech was held without a touchdown pass.

The only thing you could do after this one was sit back and stare in awe at 60 minutes of dominance for an Iowa State team badly in need of a win.