Notre Dame bowl prediction

Posted by ESPN.com's Brian Bennett

From the BCS to Hawaii, Notre Dame's postseason options are seemingly endless and always a hot topic among college football fans.

Where will the Irish go bowling this year? We looked into the crystal ball to figure out the answers to some key questions.

Bowl bound?: Count on it

Best case: The Jimmy Clausen-led offense realizes its full potential, the defense steps up and the schedule breaks play out in Notre Dame's favor for a 10-2 or even 11-1 season and an automatic BCS bid. The Fiesta Bowl snatches up the Irish with the first at-large selection.

Worst case: Clausen remains inconsistent, the running game doesn't improve and the defense springs leaks. The Irish finish a vastly-disappointing 6-6, and a lame duck Charlie Weis limps into the Independence Bowl in Shreveport as an at-large consolation prize.

Prediction: Notre Dame goes 9-3, just missing a BCS bid and settling for the Gator Bowl.