Pac-12 BCS standings reaction

Stanford perked up in the BCS standings again Sunday.

The Cardinal are rated fourth in the standings, behind LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State. The Cardinal have gone from eighth to sixth to fourth over the first three weeks of the standings publication.

Oregon is ranked eighth, falling one spot. The Ducks also are now the No. 3 one-loss team behind Oklahoma and Arkansas. Last week, they were the first.

Arizona State is 19th. USC isn't eligible for the BCS standings due to NCAA sanctions.

Still, Stanford's moving up shows that the computer rankings recognize a quality win over USC. Last week, the Cardinal were ninth with the computers with a high of 6 and low of 21 (the high and low scores are dropped). This week, it is sixth with the computers with a high of four and low of eight.

Still, Stanford needs Oklahoma State, rated third, to slip. The computers love the Cowboys, ranking them No. 1, and if Stanford and the Cowboys are undefeated, it's likely the Cowboys will get the nod opposite the SEC champion.

Assuming all goes according to plan, of course, which it often doesn't.

The big game this weekend is LSU-Alabama. Then, if Stanford and Oregon prevail this weekend, it will be the Ducks' visit to the Farm.

The Cowboys' biggest challenge? Dec. 3, at home versus rival Oklahoma.

That's the day after the Pac-12 championship game.