At-home feeling in LSU's recruiting lounge

BATON ROUGE, La. -- No wonder LSU does so well in recruiting.

Outside of the state-of-the art facilities, the personable coach and the winning tradition, LSU has quite the recruiting lounge. This is where all those personal conversations between recruits, coaches and family members go down.

It has such an inviting feel when you walk in. It's like you're sitting in a huge LSU fan's living room, complete with LSU candles, lamps, vases, rugs and tiger-striped chairs that are actually pretty comfy.

There are huge framed photos from the 2007 national championship, a Glenn Dorsey jersey, a plethora of LSU football books and the jersey signed by former President George Bush from the Tigers' celebration at the White House.

There are also tall, wide glass windows looking out into the hallway and coach Les Miles' office. It might seem like you're on the spot, but it's a great way to take a peak at big-name players from the past or present.

But it isn't just about football in this quaint little room. There are family pictures spread out everywhere -- on bookshelves and tables -- and a framed picture of Miles with some of his players during their graduation ceremony. On the frame it reads: Coach Miles' Team Goal: "100% Graduation and Win Championships."

You get a taste of the football side of LSU's program and also the more relaxed, family feel.

There are also a few open spots on the wall that seem primed for frames with the words "2011 National Champs" plastered on them.