Exciting first quarter in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Slow starts had plagued Arkansas for the past few weeks, but the Hogs managed to make the first quarter pretty exciting to watch.

Zach Hocker's 44-yard field goal in the first quarter made sure Arkansas scored first since the Troy game and then Dennis Johnson really got this stadium going with his 98-yard touchdown on a kickoff return. It looked like he was shot out of a cannon when he touched the ball.

Johnson shot up the right side of the field and after a couple of key blocks, he was gone. No one even came close to touching him.

But the Gamecocks weren't without a little excitement of their own. Quietly, the Gamecocks went 72 yards on nine plays and got on the board after Brandon Wilds scored a 4-yard touchdown off a beautiful toss to the left.

Both of these teams were criticized for the things they did well to start this game. Arkansas was prone to slow starts, so the Razorbacks went 41 yards and kicked a field goal on their opening drive. And the Gamecocks, who have been inept as ever at scoring points, marched right down the field for a touchdown in the first. Some Arkansas penalties did help.

So far, it's been pretty fun in the game a lot of people had forgotten about.