Three-point stance: Comebacks, video, villains

Posted by ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel

1.Northwestern's All-Big Ten defensive end Corey Wootton tore his right ACL late in the Alamo Bowl only eight months ago. Yet he is working out with the Wildcats, resembling the guy who had 10 sacks in 2008. He wears braces on both knees in practice and is limited to one practice per day (No two-a-days. Darn.) Wootton will wear the right brace in games and, coach Pat Fitzgerald said in a text, "won't even notice a difference." Fitzgerald said this, too: "He is great. He will be ready for the opener!" In eight months? Amazing.

2.In his four seasons behind Pat White, West Virginia quarterback Jarrett Brown did plenty of watching, inlcuding a lot of video of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to pick up "the little things they do: timing, sitting in the pocket, how to be a leader," Brown said. "Peyton and (wide receiver Marvin) Harrison, their relationship was so great. It's just so hard to defend. If you throw the ball before the guy gets out of his break, how is a defensive back going to make a play on it?"

3.Couldn't help but notice that in Pat Forde's dash of the 40 biggest villains in college football history that the Southeastern Conference led all leagues with 11, followed by the Big 12 with nine.. That makes sense. Villains engender hate, which is passion in its rawest form (clothed division). Nowhere are fans more passionate than in the SEC (ditto). The Pac-10, where football isn't quite as important, had three villains. Whatever, dude.