Reactions to Paterno retirement, scandal

As expected, there has been plenty of reaction to Joe Paterno's retirement announcement and the fallout from the Penn State scandal.

The Associated Press has put together this list.

A few notables:

Greg Schiano, Rutgers coach and former Penn State assistant: "I love Coach Paterno so am I emotional, yeah. People you love and care about; this is a hard thing for him, I'm sure. ... So it hurts me when someone you love hurts. Other than that I have a job to do. I know he'd want me to do nothing else but take care of my team. 'Do your job, kid.' That's what he'd say."

Paul Posluszny, Jacksonville Jaguars and ex-Penn State linebacker: "This situation is just an unbelievable black eye for the program and it's going to be tough, because whenever anybody says Penn State or you see Penn State, sexual assault of young kids is what's going to come mind, and that's such an unfortunate thing."

Michael Robinson, Seattle Seahawks and ex-Penn State fullback: "I have three kids myself, and I can't imagine what those families are going through today and went through in the past. ... I know he wishes he could have had some things back. He's not a perfect guy, but what he stands for as a man, and what he's meant to college football and what he has meant to me personally in my life, that's another reason why I'm so sad today."