Three-point stance: QBs, gifts, dominance

Posted by ESPN.com's Ivan Maisel

1. On the 89th and final play of its second scrimmage last night, Boston College scored its first offensive touchdown of the season. "The QB play leaves a lot to be desired," head coach Frank Spaziani said. None of the four candidates has taken a game snap. Minor-league refugee Dave Shinskie, 25, got the most work. He has some touch but is, in football terms, as much of a rookie as 18-year-old Mike Marscovetra. Junior Codi Boek showed some presence. "We're inching along," Spaziani said, "and we've got to improve by a foot."

2. The best defensive players react quickly to what they see or, even better, anticipate what they have yet to see. Florida defensive backs coach Chuck Heater told me that ability comes naturally to sophomore corner Janoris Jenkins. "For some guys, it's really kind of a gift," Heater said. "Maybe because we had such a...solid team around Janoris, he looked just like a guy who has been out there his entire life. He never panicked, always seemed to be in the flow of the game."

3. The complainers say that college football is unfair because the national championship stays within the same small group of 20 or so teams. Maybe so. But a playoff won't solve that issue. Name the sport that isn't dominated by a small percentage of teams. Lakers, Yankees, Steelers, FC Barcelona, etc., commit the resources and have the interest to win. Same with the Floridas and USCs.