First quarter: Scoreless at Beaver Stadium

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- After one quarter at Beaver Stadium, we're still waiting for our first points.

Is the lackluster offensive play a result of the distractions for both teams? I don't think so. This is just how Penn State plays.

It's also a function of the defenses and some very sloppy quarterback play. Neither team has been able to run the ball all that effectively yet, and Nebraska has curiously chosen to throw the ball a lot early on. Taylor Martinez has had some receivers open but has missed them while completing just 2 of 8 passes. Rex Burkhead has had only three carries. It's hard to run on Penn State, especially with the way Devon Still is playing this season and today in particular, but the Huskers need to stick to their strengths. They have only 29 total yards after 15 minutes.

The Lions have moved the ball better and got in field goal range early on, but Anthony Fera missed a 47-yard field goal. Matt McGloin has missed some open receivers, too, and his best completion was a 31-yard gain that Curtis Drake caught off a deflection. The good news for the home team: Silas Redd finally started to put together some nice runs at the end of the quarter. Penn State needs its best offensive player to have a big day.