SEC BCS standings reaction

Saturday and Sunday turned out to be pretty good for the SEC.

Not only did all three teams ranked in the top 10 of the BCS standings win but two received some help going forward.

LSU didn't need any help, as it entered the weekend No. 1 in the standings and stayed there after a 42-9 win over Western Kentucky. But Alabama and Arkansas watched as two teams in front of them went down.

With Boise State and Stanford losing, we are inching closer to a potential rematch between LSU and Alabama in the national championship and Arkansas is still knocking on the BCS door.

The talk of an SEC rematch seemed so unlikely weeks ago, now it's very much a possibility. Despite Alabama's sluggish performance against Mississippi State, the Tide stayed right at No. 3 in the standings. The feeling was that a Stanford win over Oregon would knock the Tide out of the top three. But Oregon became Alabama's best friend with its upset performance.

Alabama is still hovering right around third in the human polls and is third in the computer polls. Now, if the Tide and the Tigers win out, a rematch won't seem so far fetched.

As for the Razorbacks, their 49-7 win over Tennessee has them sitting pretty at No. 6 in the BCS standings. After getting bumped down a notch last week, the Hogs are right in the middle of the BCS talk. And there's a chance Arkansas could slide into the national championship with some help.

If Arkansas wins out (that means beating LSU on the road) and ends up in the SEC championship game, the Hogs could make it to the big game with a win in Atlanta. Arkansas, who got some computer love by ranking sixth, needed Stanford and Boise State lose to even begin to think about a national championship run. There is still a lot of work to be done from Arkansas and beyond, but those losses Saturday will help.

Also, we might be in for a rematch whether we like it or not. And we don't mean LSU-Alabama. No, we're talking about LSU-Oregon. If the Ducks win out, there's a chance they could get their chance at redemption against an LSU team that beat them at the beginning of the year.

It will be interesting to see what voters think about that rematch compared to an SEC one.