3-point stance: BCS to decide only 1 vs. 2?

1. Good spade work by my colleague Gene Wojciechowski revealing the options that the FBS commissioners are considering to revamp the BCS. The most interesting, and perhaps the most radical, would have the BCS deal only with setting up a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup. The other bowls would be on their own. Let’s hope the commissioners recall the problem that developed in the free market 20 years ago: bowls began offering bids in October. The bowls and the leagues have to maintain a structure that will keep bids from going out until season’s end.

2. And good spade work by USA Today in the database of 2011 FBS coaching salaries that it published Thursday. There are, in sum, some amazing numbers: 64 head coaches make at least $1 million (No. 64: Joe Paterno) and 46 do not. The paper didn’t publish salaries for 10 head coaches, all at private schools. Lowest-paid head coach of a ranked team: Larry Fedora of No. 20 Southern Mississippi ($704,500). Highest-paid lame duck: Houston Nutt of Ole Miss ($2,771,750). As always, Thank God for Mississippi.

3. Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel got arrested Wednesday night for driving while impaired. Early Thursday, the university posted an apology from Pinkel and a statement from athletic director Mike Alden on its Facebook page. Later in the day, Missouri announced it had suspended Pinkel for a week without pay and frozen his salary for next year. He also will serve 50 hours of community service. Quick action, taken in plain public view -- if only every school handled a crisis like this.